Gamincore Laptop Stand

Gamincore Laptop Stand

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- The Ultimate Laptop Gaming Stand -

The combination of high-end materials and ultimate technology have brought a stand to take your gaming experience to the next level. 
Say goodbye to eye-fatigue, strains and overheated laptops with Gamincore.


Gamincore comes equipped with six LED fans that can reach a max speed of 2600 ± 10%RPM. Your laptop will be secure against overheat, maintaining the high-performance and prolonging its battery life.

Improve your posture, increase your performance.

You are likely to get tired much quicker when gaming with the incorrect posture. Gamincore raises your laptop to an elevation and angle where you can properly adjust your body, improving your productivity effectively.


Raise your laptop, reduce your strains.

Forced downward perspective can cause you strain on your neck or back. Avoid those undesired situations and use Gamincore to lift your screen to a suitable position, creating an ergonomic gaming space.

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